Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random thoughts for the day.

Sundin Saga. Full closure.

Sundin will play HOCKEY tonight. I think my favourite part about all the hooplah surrounding his debut with the Canucks is a quote from Sundin himself.

"I know it's not a perfect situation as a player," said Sundin. "The players are in mid-season form and it's going to be challenging."

Hey, Sundin? Just a thought on avoiding that whole.. "aww everyone is at midseason form..." problem. PLAY WHEN YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO.

Ok. I'm done now.

Yum, Yum.

Jarkko Ruutu was suspended by the NHL for two games after biting the finger of Buffalo Sabres enforcer Andrew Peters.

OK. OK. It's kinda crazy and Mike Tyson-esque. And Ruutu is a shift disturber extraordinaire. But if someone stuck their finger in my mouth. I'd probably bite it too. Just sayin.

"It happens a lot. You get hungry. Was it the third?" - Craig MacTavish.

Great Headline.

Toronto Maple Leafs acquire rugged forward Ray from Anaheim Ducks

It's not poorly written. It's not particularly funny. If only they got the details right. This headline is about Brad May going to Toronto.

Speaking of Shift Disturbers.

It's nice to see someone else is smokin the good stuff.

Ron Duguay, a former player with the Rangers told the media yesterday that the Rangers should bring back Sean Avery.

This is despite the fact of course... that nobody that's actually on the team wants him back.

It appears Duguay thinks that all Avery needs is a good ol fashioned talkin to.

"We would take care of him in practice. A guy or two would step up and say, 'Either you're going to change or you're going to get your (butt) kicked,'" said Duguay of players that ran their mouths when he used to play.

Obviously nothing has changed since Duguay last played in 1989.

"As a fan I would love to see him back with the (Rangers)," Duguay said. "If he's a problem in the dressing room - and I don't know that - then that's a decision that the coaches and players have to make."

Ummm, i'm pretty darn sure multiple teams have already made that decision. And really, how can you not know Avery is a problem in the dressing room. Every player that plays with him says he is.

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