Friday, January 2, 2009

All hail Jaroslav Janus.

Because he just destroyed the souls of the Americans. And he faced over 30 shots. Many of them were spectacular saves. And so after the Erie Otters goaltenders performance...the Americans are out. (Did I just type that? Yes I did. Wow.) Slovakia will play Sweden in the Semi-Final tomorrow.

I'm going to pull a Don Cherry here -- let's go back to yesterday and point out my advice to the Americans:

"Slovakia picked off Finland in a shootout last night, so after flying high, the Americans should not take the Slovaks for granted."

Yah. You fail.

I'd say my second favourite quote is from Pierre McGuire. It pretty much summed up the Americans lack of ability to stop, well.... anything.

"Every shot's an adventure for Thomas McCollum right now." - Pierre McGuire on the American goaltender during the second period.

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