Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A new thing to blame on Hossa.

or at least it seems.

After his one-night stand with the Pittsburgh Penguins two seasons ago, leaving to join the defending stanley cup champions (who beat the penguins in the cup final).... only to have a rematch with the penguins this season and lose... it seems likely that Marion Hossa's body actually produces some form of intensely concentrated Stanley Cup repellent.

So when the Chicago Blackhawks GM Dale Tallon decided to sign Hossa to a 12 (YES... COUNT IT... TWELVE) year deal. I kinda thought, gee, that must be a fantastic drug he's on. He's taking a page right out of the Book of Garth Snow.

There are plenty of recent long-term contracts. But I would argue some of those are legit. Who doesn't want to lock down their Sidney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin.... I would argue Marion Hossa is not a player you want locked down. In fact, I would argue you want him to be one of those player that is easily expendible for a draft pick or a few character players at trade deadline.... having a 12 year deal dangling behind him.... not so enticing.

Anyway, the whole point of this rant is to point out that the Blackhawks fired their General Manager. Most of the stories appear to be calling this a "surprise move" since indeed Tallon was "at the helm when the team drafted players such as Kane and Toews". Yes, he was at the helm when the Chicago Blackhawks were so bad that they got third and first overall picks. Picks so high up are usually no-brainers. Kane was ranked first and Chicago took him first. Toews was ranked third and Chicago took him third.

Hossa is a Stanley Cup repellent.... and Tallon signed him to a twelve year deal on a team that has promise to go far in the next few years.

Not so surprising any more?

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