Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's time for your annual....

....someone stole some sidney crosby shit, story.

STRATHMORE, Alta. - An autographed limited-edition photo print ofNHL star Sidney Crosby was just too difficult to resist for a brazenthief in a small town east of Calgary.

RCMP Sgt. Kevin Reilly says a man in his 20s walked into the TimHortons in Strathmore, waited until staff weren't looking and tookoff with the picture of the Pittsburgh Penguins captain from thewall.

Reilly says it was obvious that the suspect had planned the heistcarefully. The photo is emblazoned with the Tim Hortons logo, shows Crosbyin his Penguins uniform and includes a 1993 Timbits hockey card withCrosby as a youth.

Reilly won't reveal how much the print is worth except to say itwas over $1,000 and was valuable. Police are hoping the public can help identify the thief.

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