Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random thoughts for the day.

Top 10 (completely random) things from Round 1
  1. Watching San Jose, yet again, crap out in the playoffs. Seriously, who didn't see that one coming this year.
  2. John Tortorella loses mind... again.
  3. Sean Avery is an idiot... again.
  4. Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins are very very scary good.
  5. learning that Adam Burrish was a guest security guard on Jerry Springer. Insert own joke here.
  6. Maybe the kids are alright. One of the youngest team in the NHL with an average age of 26.8, the Chicago Blackhawks pick off the Calgary Flames and made it look damn easy.
  7. Alexander Ovechkin actually undressed several New York Rangers. No.... literally. It was a sexy time.
  8. Carolina Hurricanes score with seconds left in game 7 to take the series. Someone kick Martin Broduer please.
  9. Because of said late third period goal... Washington plays Pittsburgh in Round 2. I think Washington Coach Bruce Boudreau said it best... "we're playing Pittsburgh, welcome to the circus."
  10. Does this mean Eric Staal is good again?

There's the old Torts we all knew and loved.

throwing shit at fans... playing "next question" with real reporters.... distracting his team into blowing a series against Washington....

But the weird thing is... he apologized.

"It was a bad mistake and I regret it," said John Tortorella. "I put the Ranger organization in an embarrassing situation and I'm embarrassed by it."

The old Torts woulda said "eff it! that fan is a moron and I wish i gotta hold of him like that time the fan fell into the box with Tie Domi. I woulda effed him right up."

tsk tsk Torts. TSN made you soft. You've lost your touch.

Update — Epic Beard Battle.

Epic = Saddest

May 1 morning skate: Day 17

May 2nd Post-game: Day 18

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