Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh my god, Gary, please just let him have a team.

This joke is getting kinda old.

Will someone please just let Jim Balsillie have a team. You realize the guy owns Crackberry. He's just going to get richer. And so he's just going to keep on trying. So really, just give up. (See, the Maritime defeatist attitude is good for something.)

I mean, look at him, he even wore a bowtie.

But in all seriousness: The team is bankrupt... and it's not like the "Pittsburgh Penguins... we had some bad management but there's lots of history here so if we rally the fans then we'll be okay" kinda bankruptcy. It's the "Phoenix Coyotes. You have a hockey team... in the desert. You moved it there... from Winnipeg. Why? Why does this exist. The fans in Phoenix don't care. Why are you propping up a failing team with transfer payments from the other teams and a massive NHL line of credit." kinda bankruptcy.

Gary Bettman, you're crazy. And you're delusional.

Give the team to Balsillie. How many people want a team that badly? How many people that want a team that badly have $212 mil to just drop down in suitcases of cash at NHL headquarters. Seriously. Just let him buy the team. Quit your grudge holding Bettman.

The NHLs main argument has to do with Balsillie's desire to move the team to Southern Ontario saying that there isn't enough population and that it will encroach on the Leafs and the Sabres. Wrong.

People who live in Southern Ontario outside of Toronto don't want to drive on the crazy Southern Ontario highways for over an hour and then pay for parking in ridiculously expensive Downtown Toronto and then have to buy food. Did I mention they have to drive in Toronto? I think i'd rather play with rusty razors.

Oh yah, and then there's the tickets. The Toronto Maple Leafs have no problem selling out their games even at the cost beginning at 35$ to stand in the nosebleeds. (Compared to tickets that start at 5$ in Tampa Bay). And usually unless you bought the tickets at the beginning of the season, they're impossible to get and you're stuck buying from scalpers, who sell tickets for a premium (Unlike in Tampa Bay). Tell me how the little guy living in Waterloo, Kitchener or Hamilton can afford that? But would they go to a game in Waterloo, Kitchener or Hamilton?

You bet ya.

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