Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"The NHL's Next Epic 7-Game Series"....

...Or, the NHL's Next Epic 6-Game Series, with a super-lame Game 7.

*Cough Cough*

The sound that Alexander Semin choking on his words.

*Cough Cough*

Actually I suppose it's the ENTIRE Washington Capitals making that sound.

*Cough, hack... COUGH COUGH..* geez someone give them the Heimlich.

That was the biggest, most epic, Game 7 choke I've seen in a while. I mean that was a Alexandre Diagle-esque kinda choke.

The Washington Capitals were so busy hacking up a lung they forgot to play the first two periods. At one point it was 5-0. It actually got to a point where Pittsburgh scored a goal and I just laughed out loud. By myself. In my apartment.

To tell you the truth, folks, I'm very disappointed. It was a fantastic series, you could say that it may have actually lived up to it's three-ring-circus hype that the media built leading into the series. So it's just sort of sad to see it end like it did. Sorta anti-climactic in a way. I was kinda gunning for some sort of epic eight-period, up till 5-in-the-mornin, sudden-death overtime, Crosby or Ovechkin scores some sorta ridiculous goal where they undress the entire opposition and then score while standing on their head, kinda game.

Oh well. Nicely done, Pittsburgh.

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