Thursday, December 11, 2008

staring out the window at the CBC onto the sidewalk-less Charlottetown.

A quick post while I wait to leave for the day.

What do you call it? ... oxymoron?
I came across an interesting story on today... the Victoria Minor Hockey Association pays it's volunteers.

I suppose they're no longer volunteers, and are more... oh... you know... staff?

Clan MacDonald
This is something I became aware of a while back, but it seems that every person I mention it to is shocked by it.

CBC Correspondant Neil MacDonald (seen here with a very serious journalist face)

is brother to,

former SNL funny man... Norm MacDonald,

You're Welcome.

The Big Question.

Question: Will Alexei Kovalev ever score a goal this year?

Answer: Yes. When his euro-mullet grows back to magic status.

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