Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas anti-miracle.

Geez, did they poo under the tree as well?
As Canada prepares to try to win a gold medal at the 2009 World Junior Championship in Ottawa, the family of Detroit Red Wing prospect Logan Pyett would love to get back his 2008 WJC gold medal.

The gold medal from last year's World Junior Championship was on display in the home of Pyett's parents, Rhonda and Lyle, in Balgonie, Sask., but was stolen on Tuesday evening when the Pyett home was broken into by thieves while they were out at a Christmas function.

The Pyett's car, amongst many other personal effects, were also stolen and the RCMP is working on the case, but Pyett's parents feel particularly bad about the loss of their son's gold medal, which has great sentimental value and is irreplaceable. It was on display with his Team Canada sweater, but the sweater was not stolen.

"We're hoping it will be like when Sidney Crosby's jersey was stolen and he got it back," said Jayme Day, Pyett's aunt. "Hopefully, it turns up or the person who took it realizes what it means and returns it. We feel terrible about it because it's Logan's and it means so much to him and his family."

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