Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The kids aren't alright...

The Saint John Sea Dogs suspended Nicholas Pard indefinitely after some sort of altercation that involved police at a Sean Kingston concert. The team is saying it's "conduct detrimental of the team", but won't say what he did.

Actually guys, my first question isn't: "what did he do?" -- It was: "why is he at a Sean Kingston concert?"

ANNNNND... The Halifax Mooseheads have sent recent acquisition Chuckie Schrembie "home"... That's according to a recent press release from the team.

That's literally all it says... that they're sending him home because of "disciplinary reasons".

My first question: "Was he at the Sean Kingston concert?"

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"Dave Schultz" said...

and now all I can think of is my favorite Texts From Last Night (and maybe that's what these boys did):

"Apparently I called 911 everytime Sean Kingston told me to"

word verification is "couper". Hrm, so dangerously, wonderously close to "cougar"