Friday, September 4, 2009

Halifax Mooseheads

Generally this blog has been mostly a general hockey blog, I kinda just speak about or cover things in a completely random fashion. It's usually based on my anger level that day, and how much (or little) coffee, beer, etc. i've had that day (also known as motivation).

But since I have now been assigned Producer to New's 95.7's Halifax Mooseheads broadcasts -- (Yes, every game. Yes, yes, I know, poooor me. haha) -- I figure I may as well start a Halifax Mooseheads component to my blog, since i'm gonna be listening to absolutely every single game (pity me, seriously...).

I may live-blog, I may do game recaps, I may just pick something I thought was dumb, weird, strange, awesome, etc. and write about it.

I apologize to those who don't live in Halifax and/or don't give a damn about the QMJHL... but don't worry... The JimBalls Saga and Dany Heatley's Saga don't appear to be very close to resolution... and the NHLPA is in shambles and is ridiculous and is going to cause another goshdarned lockout if their not careful (did I mention ridiculous?)... SO, i figure I'll still have lots of material (and ranting) to go around.

The season opener is September 11, when the Moose are in Sydney to play the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles. See you then...


Q-girl said...

jealous. I was at the point of considering asking you, a complete stranger, to go to Moosehead games with me. At least i know you like them. No one I know has agreed to partake in preseason fun with me. At least my Season ticket holder seat neighbours are used to my lonely ass sitting there. They talk to me when I am alone.

Jenn Casey said...

haha too funny, i used to have season tickets over in section 21 about 7 rows behind the stinky hallway leading to the bench. haha. I did get to catch a few games over at CHP, it's pretty much my favourite thing... it means hockey is back :)

I am kinda sad that I won't be able to hit up any games since i'll be locked in a studio talking into John Moore's headset... think of me... haha