Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sidney Crosby got his Order of Nova Scotia today.

Sidney at Province House sporting his new medal

Sidney with Premier Darrell Dexter

Sidney getting his medal from Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis


Anonymous said...

They had to give out a medal to someone, so they picked someone who can skate on ice!! How low must the standards be to be giving Order of Nova Scotia to someone like this. What about educated, talented individuals that contribute to society. Good grief, what a joke.

Jenn Casey said...

First of all, just so you know: he was actually nominated in the "youth" category.

Also, no offense but you're on a hockey blog here. So... actually I would say that he does contribute to society. How? By keeping people NOT FAT and NOT LAZY.... yknow so there are less fat and lazy people in our medical system with clogged arteries and getting lung cancer because they smoke.

Finally, Sidney Crosby is a great role model to a lot of kids here in Halifax/Nova Scotia/Canada/World. And he's also a great, polite ambassador of Nova Scotia. He mentions our province all the time in international media interviews.

Quite frankly your lack of thinking ahead before you write stuff is a joke.