Saturday, November 22, 2008


The Senators rolled out their new third sweater today. Barf. This has got to be a joke, right?

It sorta looks like something the Anaheim Mighty Ducks woulda done when they actually officially had the "mighty" in their name.

It just screams Impact Bold, you know that font that was over-used in the 90s...

Now, the entire sweater isn't awful, it's really just the font of the name. I like the black, and the detailing is nice... It actually reminds me of the new Halifax Mooseheads third sweater, which gives that retro feel (even though the team is less than 20 years old). The obvious choice for the Senators would've been to go with their sweaters from back in the day, but the Ottawa 67s (the Major Junior team) uses that design.

So really, if the Sens had've gone with a font closer to the Halifax sweater, it would actually be really nice.

And I wouldn't have to write a blog post titled, "Puke".


Garn said...

It is almost disturbing how closely your comments on the jersey resemble my comments on the jersey. I said the same about the Halifax jersey and the 67's design. Once again Ms. Casey you are on the money, however you did not mention the Sens won for the first time in 6 games in the jersey.

Matt said...

The new Ottawa sweater and Halifax's third jersey (Which is really their regular jersey since they wear it all the time now) are missing one very important hockey trademark: Stripes on the bottom!

Most of the NHL third jerseys unveiled this season have been retro, probably why they all look great. The Senators dropped the ball and have given Bob Cole more reason to call them "The Sens".

I actually prefer Halifax's original red sweater, featuring the classic H logo on the front. Too many teams use black. How about a green Mooseheads jersey? That could be awesome if done right.