Sunday, November 9, 2008

I can't even talk about this weekend.

Habs take 1 point out of a possible 4. yay.

Great job guys. Good penalty killing.

But it's not completely your fault. Good job NHL Schedulers... does Montreal get another week off for the third time in a row? You're spreading Kovalev's magic thin. It only works when he gets to play often. It keeps the magic warm.

The NHL scheduling team is killing Kovalev's magic.

Which is basically the same as a buzz kill.

Nobody wants to be a buzz kill.

Also it appears that Killer Kostopoulos will have his hit on Toronto's Mike Van Ryn looked at by the NHL. Van Ryn has a concussion and bled all over the ice. Killer Kostopoulos was ejected from the game.

And Jesus, Price (see the comma makes a big difference... take it out and it's Jesus Price, which is what I put for my religious views on facebook.) maybe you should go back to eating burgers and chocolate bars late at night... it seemed to work for you before.

And now for the wacky picture of the day...

This just looks plain crazy.


Anonymous said...

From one extreme to the next, our boys have 11 games in 18 days. Should really show us what kind of year we are going to have. And sexy kovalev needs his hair back! I think maybe he was a little taken back by the hairstyle in town; Robert 'hairdo' lang.

Anonymous said...

ah hell, the *NEW hairstyle in town.