Friday, August 29, 2008

Roadie anyone?

Alberta became the host of the 2012 World Junior Champions on Thursday. Calgary and Edmonton will split the hosting duties.

“This is an exciting day for hockey fans in Alberta and throughout Canada," said Hockey Canada president and CEO Bob Nicholson. "The bid group from Alberta put forward a great plan, and the site selection committee was particularly impressed with the bid's focus on making tickets affordable for all hockey fans.”

The announcement completes what looks like a four-year string a fantastic roadies for Canadians (especially now that Zoom airlines has ceased taking us all across the Atlantic for those European tournies). Coming up in December, Ottawa will host the tournament. We'll roll over to the land of living skies (Saskatchewan) for the 2010 tournament, with the games split between Regina and Saskatoon. Then the United States hosts in 2011, but are still undecided of which city will host, but it has been narrowed to Buffalo, Minneapolis or Grand Forks (I assume it will either be Buffalo or Minneapolis, since Grand Forks was the last American city to host).

And in something completely non-hockey related (except maybe for the fact that Ken Dryden is an Member of Parliament and Prime Minister Stephen Harper is writing a book on hockey)...

It looks like Canadians will be heading to the election polls in October. Harper recently called the Parliament "dysfunctional" despite the fact that they haven't been sitting in quite some time...and the fact that most of the dysfunctionality (is that a word?) came from the Conservatives (see: Maxime Bernier)... but who's nitpicking?

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