Sunday, July 13, 2008


It's 5:30 in the morning and i'm watching the sun rise from my desk at work. Backshift is the best. And in this overtired state, what better time to stop in and say "hey!" from my long blogging hiatus. Sorry guys, it's the first summer in a while that the bright shiny orb in the sky actually came out and warmed the sodden souls of Nova Scotia. I also moved shortly before the Canada Day Debacle Holiday and destroyed my liver in Newfoundland.

Speaking of the Canada Day Debacle Holiday... July 1 has come and gone and Mr Sundin is still unsigned. I clearly remember (and there are few things that are clear from that day) busting the laptop out on the party patio to check signings and more importantly, to track The Sundin. It was looking pretty good for the Habs there for a bit after Bobbers Gainey took a hop across the pond to visit Sundin in native Sweden, but I believe he enjoys feeling wanted, so he's going to hold off on signing to hold on to that warm fuzzy feeling that he's never gotten from Toronto.

The Canadiens lost Ryder to the Bruins... and the way he was playing last season, good riddance. Although i'm sure he'll come back to haunt the Habs in some terrible, awful, ironic way. Also one of my favs, Mark Streit was lost to free agency. But they were able to sign Kostitsyn so I guess i'll live.

And the Lightening continue their whack management skillz by inking Vincent Lecavalier to an 11 year, $85 million contract. They also went on a signing spree on July 1... 11 more years of bad cap management, here were come!

And one of the most amusing stories i've seen actually has come from Futball (Soccer). Apparently Mr Christiano Ronaldo thinks himself likened to a "slave". Poor little bugger, i'm sure it's a fairly hard go when you're making £120,000 a week.

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